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Green Tea Sampler (made with organic ingredients) Green Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Signature Blends Sampler Set (made with organic ingredients) Signature Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Holiday Teas Sampler Set Holiday Teas Sampler
Price: $39.95

Lover's Collection Sampler Set Lover's Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

white tea sampler White Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Teas for Mom Teas for Mom
Price: $49.50

Holiday Tea Set Holiday Tea Set
Price: $89.95
Try out new flavors and discover tastes to love with Capital Teas Samplers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to discover delicious new teas, or want to keep things spiced with a variety of flavors, sample some of the best Capital Teas.

All teas contain incredibly healthful antioxidants, which prevent or delay cell damage to improve health and fight disease
Certain antioxidants known as polyphenols found in tea may be beneficial in preventing cancer and tumor formation
Substances known as alkaloids found in tea may help make individuals more mentally alert and provide mental stimulation

Sampler sets from Capital Teas are the ideal option when you are interested in trying new tea flavors. You can discover which ones you’ll want to make a permanent place for in your pantry and get to savor new varieties. If you like to frequently change up the teas you drink, sampler sets are perfect, too, since they give a range of flavors to select from in one convenient box. They also make a great gift item, from a Teas for Mom sampler for Mother’s Day to a Holiday Teas Sampler to give as a Christmas gift. Each contains three to six varieties of premium loose leaf tea, each encased in its own individual tin for ultimate freshness and taste. Get the taste you deserve and healthy benefits, too.