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White Teas

Organic Hawaiian Passion

Intricate with a delicate, light sweetness, these white teas are made with each season’s youngest, freshest shoots. Unlike other true teas, loose white teas remains unprocessed, making it very low in caffeine unparalleled in its freshness.

White teas are cultivated in China, mostly in Fujian Province
White teas are very low in caffeine
White teas contain calcium and potassium as well as other essential minerals

Almost all teas come from the Fujian Province in China, where harvesters pluck new tea buds while they’re still tightly packed with new leaves. Because these tender shoots remained unprocessed, white teas have a silky, down quality that accounts for its delicate, complex flavor and silvery color. They also contain the least caffeine of all teas, 10-15 milligrams per 8-ounce cup.

Our flavored white teas include: Organic Royal Wedding Tea (a blend of black and white teas), and Organic Hawaiian Passion. Or for a very natural white tea high in polyphenols, try our Kenya Nandi White.
Organic Hawaiian Passion: $12.95
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