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Oolong Teas

Cultivated in China and Taiwan, oolong teas strike a balance between green and black tea. Semi-oxidation gives them complex character like black tea and bright freshness like green tea. Oolong tea has low astringency and a creamy body.

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More about Oolong Teas

Oolong Teas True tea from fresh leaves carefully oxidized for complex flavor
Contains caffeine equivalent of a 3rd to a 1/4 the typical cup of coffee
Oolong has properties that may aid in weight loss and healthy metabolic function

Oolongs fall somewhere between a green and a black tea, depending on the amount of time they are allowed to oxidize before drying. Therefore, oolong tea has qualities of both. Native to China and Taiwan, loose leaf oolong is semi-oxidized to give it full body with light, fragrant flavors that range from fruity and sweet to darker, richer, and slightly smoky.

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