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Oolong Tea

Cultivated in China and Taiwan, oolong teas strike a balance between green and black tea. Semi-oxidation gives them complex character like black tea and bright freshness like green tea. Oolong tea has low astringency and a creamy body.

True tea from fresh leaves carefully oxidized for complex flavor
Contains caffeine equivalent of a 3rd to a 1/4 the typical cup of coffee
Oolong has properties that may aid in weight loss and healthy metabolic function

Oolongs fall somewhere between a green tea (unoxidized) and a black tea (fully oxidized), depending on the amount of time they are allowed to oxidize before drying occurs. As a result, oolong teas are complex in flavor and have qualities of both green and black teas. Native to China and Taiwan, oolong is semi-oxidized (between 15 and 85%) to give it full body with light, fragrant flavors that range from fruity and sweet to darker, richer, and even slightly smoky.

Some of our notable Oolongs include: Oriental Beauty – an elegant and rare unflavored organic Taiwanese oolong with a distinctive honey essence; Milk Oolong – a creamy and delicious all-natural oolong that has a milk taste but no milk or even flavoring added; and Bao Zhong – a sensational green-tending Taiwanese oolong with a lilac and lily essence.

Featured Oolong Blend:
Ginger Peach Oolong (organic): $12.95
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