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Kosher Teas

Kosher tea refers to the way the tea is produced and packaged under the supervision of a rabbi in accordance with Jewish law. Almost every variety and blend of our teas is available as a kosher product, and can be identified with a circled “u” or “k” logo. Kosher certification requires products to uphold a high standard of quality and purity. For these reasons, people of all faiths may seek out items with kosher labeling. This process does not affect the natural taste, so you can still enjoy a delicious cup of kosher green tea or kosher chai, along with your other favorite selections.

Kosher teas are readily available in almost every variety. Each tea labeled as kosher is produced and packaged under the supervision of a rabbi, in accordance with Jewish law. This does not affect the taste of the tea.
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Andean Princess Andean Princess
Price: $12.95
Dong Ding Dong Ding
Price: $59.95
Figgy Pudding Figgy Pudding
Price: $9.95
Glenburn Reserve Glenburn Reserve
Price: $31.95
Herbal Chai Tea Herbal Chai Tea
Price: $8.95
Keemun Hao Ya A Keemun Hao Ya A
Price: $30.00
Kosabei TGFOP Kosabei TGFOP
Price: $8.95
Lover's Leap Lover's Leap
Price: $8.95
Milk Oolong Milk Oolong
Price: $25.95
Mosaic Garden Mosaic Garden
Price: $9.95
O Christmas Tea O Christmas Tea
Price: $9.95
Gyokuro Organic Gyokuro
Price: $24.95
Relaxing Tea  (organic) Relaxing Tea
Price: $9.95
Stimulating Tea Stimulating Tea
Price: $8.95
Tropical Breeze Tropical Breeze
Price: $8.95