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Alessi MG Kettle Alessi MG Kettle
Price: $195.00
Caramel Toffee Pu-erh (made with organic ingredients) Caramel Toffee Pu-erh
Price: $9.95

Cinnamon Powder Cinnamon Powder
Price: $4.95
Enchanted Forest Enchanted Forest
Price: $8.95

Figgy Pudding Figgy Pudding
Price: $12.95

Fleur De Sel Fleur De Sel
Price: $27.95
Gingerbread Rooibos Gingerbread Rooibos
Price: $8.95

Green Tea Sampler (made with organic ingredients) Green Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Holiday Tea Set Holiday Tea Set
Price: $89.95
Holiday Teas Sampler Set Holiday Teas Sampler
Price: $39.95

Licorice Root Licorice Root
Price: $7.95
Lover's Collection Sampler Set Lover's Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Madame Butterfly Jasmine Madame Butterfly Jasmine
Price: $69.95

Milk Oolong Milk Oolong
Price: $25.95

Milk Oolong Milk Oolong Sachets
Price: $39.95

Organic Nile Chamomile (made with organic ingredients) Nile Chamomile
Price: $9.95

Nile Chamomile (made with organic ingredients) Nile Chamomile Sachets
Price: $17.95

Nutmeg Nutmeg
Price: $4.95
O Christmas Tea O Christmas Tea
Price: $9.95

Peppermint Bark Tea (made with organic ingredients) Peppermint Bark Tea
Price: $9.95

Red Ceramic Cup Red Ceramic Cup
Price: $10.95
Red Dipped Cup Red Dipped Cup
Price: $11.95
Relaxing Tea  (made with organic ingredients) Relaxing Tea
Price: $9.95

Roasted Almond tea Roasted Almond Tea
Price: $9.95

Signature Blends Sampler Set (made with organic ingredients) Signature Tea Sampler
Price: $39.95

Smoked Paprika Smoked Paprika
Price: $8.95
Beer Enhancers Cream Earl Grey Tea Lager Earl Grey
Price: $5.95

Tea Lager Glass Tea Lager Glass
Price: $5.95
Vino Teano Vino Teano
Price: $5.95