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Gourmet Green tea health benefits

Green Teas

Gourmet Green Teas

Native to Japan and China, green tea is known for its bright, fresh flavor and soothing, restorative properties. Green teas are steamed or pan-fired to prevent fermentation and halt oxidation. This step is what retains the chlorophyll, maintaining greenness and verdancy in the leaf.

Gourmet Green Tea Health Benefits

  • Retains polyphenols and antioxidants because it is not oxidized
  • Relatively low caffeine content (does still contain caffeine)
  • Drinking green tea can strengthen and support the immune system

Although green and black teas come from the same plant, loose leaf green tea is dried immediately to halt oxidation. As a result, green tea retains most of its natural green color, along with its vitamins and minerals. Low in caffeine, green tea is fragrant, light and fresh in flavor and nose. Differences in climate and cultivation account for its many varieties. In China, green tea leaves are pan-fired for an earthy taste. In Japan, green teas are steamed to create a grassy, vegetal taste.

Try some of our most popular green teas and blends: Madame Butterfly Jasmine – hand-tied Fujian green tea leaves infused on successive nights among fresh jasmine blossoms; Gyokuro – highest quality Japanese green tea from leaves harvested only in April and May; Matcha Symphony – ceremonial grade organic powdered green tea; and Genmaicha – a very popular Japanese green tea blended with rice for a nutty, warm flavor.

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