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Fruit Tisanes

Fruit TisaneFruit Tisanes

Incredibly refreshing, bursting with healthy ingredients, and convenient to have on hand to brew any time, Fruit Tisanes from Capital Teas offer an ideal alternative to sugary, chemical-laden soft drinks. Enjoy hot or iced for a healthy treat.

Packed with vitamins, Fruit Tisanes offer essentials like vitamin C to help support the immune system, vitamin A to support eye health, and B vitamins, which support cellular functions throughout the body
Many of the fruits in these blends are powerful sources of antioxidants which fight cell-damaging free radicals
Antioxidants may help prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers

Fruit Tisanes are unique, versatile infusions that are perfect for adults and kids alike. Delicious, fresh, and fun flavors offer bold flavor profiles that will open up a new world of taste. Experience the difference in our delicious blends that combine real fruit with other natural ingredients for out-of-this-world medleys.

From sweet Strawberry Lane to exotic Island Mango, there is a Fruit Tisane for everyone. Enjoy incredible flavor varieties while experiencing the health benefits that these vitamin-packed blends have to offer.

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