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Anchor Beverages provides consumers of all ages and
backgrounds with natural beverages and infusions that
Taste Great
and make them Feel Great.

Anchor Beverages™ incorporates only the finest natural ingredients to allow our customers to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks that support healthy lifestyles and enhance their lives. Today, we boast over 50,000 repeat customers from all 50 states, and we’re growing rapidly. If you are a customer, we salute you and say, “Thank you!” If not, we do hope that you will join our ranks soon.


Our primary brand is nationally-respected Capital Teas®, which was launched in Annapolis in 2007 and today is cherished by thousands of Americans who begin and end their day with Capital Teas. We’ve operated this storied brand as our exclusive tea offering since October 2018. Our customers enjoy an amazing selection of over 100 teas and infusions, mostly blended from organic ingredients, and all of which are replete with natural wellness. For all our patrons, we encourage exploration, we reward curiosity, and we embrace innovation -- from ways to brew tea, to unique tea combinations, to infusing tea with cocktails, and more. We invite fellow tea drinkers to discover the magic, complexity, flavor, and aroma of our amazing teas, one cup at a time.

We also sell a fine collection of spices and spice blends under the Spinnaker Spice brand.

In 2020, Anchor Beverages plans to begin offering a line of CBD-based beverages and edibles such as honeys, tinctures, gummies, and more under our new brand, Smooth Sailing CBD. Using only American-grown hemp, all our CBD products will be Phyocannabinoid Rich (PCR), THC-Free, chemical-solvent-free, and will offer a broad spectrum of CBD for the maximum health benefits. Once again, our aim is to make our customers Feel Great with products that Taste Great. As with our other offerings, Anchor Beverages will ensure that the taste and quality of our CBD line will be unmatched.


Anchor Beverages employs a small but dedicated team of beverage experts, customer service agents, graphic designers, social media experts, and e-Commerce distribution professionals, all based out of our Annapolis, Maryland headquarters. Our team is led by CEO Peter Martino, a serial entrepreneur and an attorney who was also co-founder of the Capital Teas brand in 2007. Peter follows in the shoes of his grandfather, an award-winning master chef, in providing the highest quality beverage products to our customers. We encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and espirits de corps so that we may better serve our entire customer base daily with pride from a fun and collaborative work environment.