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Yerba Maté is the most popular drink in South America. Made from a wild shrub of the same name, maté makes a flavorful and strong infusion. Maté is also a delicious drink when blended with fruits and spices. Energizing maté has an equivalent amount of caffeine to coffee, but without the jitters. Buy loose leaf mate online with us today!

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Mexican Mango Chili Maté $9.95
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Detox Tea Enchanted Forest Jet Lag Awake Strawberry Mango Mate Energizer
Detox Tea
Price: $8.95

Enchanted Forest
Price: $8.95

Mango Maté Energizer
Price: $8.00

Matcha Maté Energizer (organic) Mango Chili Mate
Mexican Mango Chili Maté
Price: $9.95